Monday, May 11, 2009

Struck in the Real World

I'm still without a computer at home. Well, I have a computer at home, it's just unreliable for operation. We've had to uninstall all the software, including antivirus - so no internet ((sigh)).

For over a week now I've had to spend my late nights in the real world. Usually my time for blogging is between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. - not necessarily the whole four hours, but some of it. I use this quiet computer time to organize my pictures and home movies, read other people's thoughts on their blogs and research bible study material. ALL computer stuff, and I do miss it.

I keep repeating "patience is a virtue" as we deal with computer technicians who appear to be more interested in selling us new things rather than fixing what we have.

I did think I could use this time for other hobbies: knitting, sewing, baking, etc. - but it doesn't work out that way because these can be noisy or require alot of lighting. That doesn't help the other members of the family to sleep. So, I've been going to bed earlier ((double sigh)).

The posts that I do add on this site are written out long hand and then when I have access to a computer, I load up blogger and post them on a schedule. It makes me feel like I'm still involved. So, please keep visiting me! Sooner or later my computer will let me back in!

Let me end with this: CONGRATULATIONS to the Parunaks - another baby blessing for a lady who has blessed so many with her biblical insight (click on Pursuing Titus 2 on the side bar)

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Mrs. Parunak said...

Thank you for your sweet congratulations! My head is slowly coming up out of the water, and I hope to be back out in the blogosphere more often sometime soon. I'll keep praying for your computer situation.