Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Caution: Sarcasm Ahead!

I'm starting a new club. Originally it was meant for locals only, but after some consideration I believe an international association would be a grand success.

It's called The Pansy Association. A social network for men who have forfeited their God-given responsibility of leading their wives and children. An association that would provide the opportunity for these men to feel accepted among those of like-mind in their weak willed approach to being a husband and father.

Speakers would include feminists providing strong encouragement messages telling members they are on the right track by supporting their wives as the authority in the home. There would be speakers with practical instruction on how to 'cow-tow' to their wives without actually handing over their pants.

Testimonies would be encouraged for these Pansy members to share some basic points:

1. how their lives are so much easier when they hide in garages or on golf courses to avoid any kind of confrontation with their wives;

2. how allowing their wives to raise the children without any interference as a father has ensured the next generation of The Pansy Association will carry on;

3. how they realized early into their marriages - thanks to the wisdom of their wives - that all biblical scripture referring to men being the head of the wife is culturally based for the time of its writing and therefore completely outdated for North America today.

The Vision Statement: This association is intent on providing men who live under the authority of their wives with a surrounding of other sympathetic and pathetic men in an arena where they can openly discuss their excuses to justify their lack of action to be a real man.

The Motto: Ask my wife.

In order to be accepted, all applications for enrollment must be accompanied with a permission note from the wives involved.

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