Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Kiss Pigs

I don't want to shock anyone but when I, or anyone in my household, have cold or flu symptoms I do not generally see my doctor OR report to any public health agency (don't tell the World Health Organization!).

With the swine flu burning up the media, my Duck has asked alot of questions about wearing masks and getting flu shots or vaccines. My answer fits into the whole socialism = foolishness category. If we wash our hands regularly, cover our mouths when we sneeze and stay home to recuperate when we are sick, then there is no need (NONE!) for the over reaction that is happening now. Our culture is turning into a culture of germiphobes.

As a nurse, I can say with all certainty that I would rather have the flu than the flu shot. That goes for my child, as well. The World Health Organization (and it's blind followers) would have us believe the world will die out without their direction in our lives. They propogate their image as one in the "almighty, higher power" category - "Follow our orders without question and all of us will live forever". (Okay, maybe I'm paraphrasing there, but not by much)

Yes, the flu can be debilitating. Yes, people can die from complications of the flu. These deaths are not generally occurring with otherwise healthy people. The flu drastically effects those who are already weakened by 1> age (really young or old), 2> a previously existing medical condition (COPD, brittle diabetes, etc). People in these categories need to be more careful about prevention and more diligent to care for themselves when the flu hits. However, I still do not see the flu shot or antiviral medications as necessary.

I know, crazy talk.

Let's think it through people. Our bodies become stronger by fighting off the bad bugs - that's how God created our immune system to work. Our bodies become more susceptible to the bad bugs when they have never had to fight them. By protecting ourselves with basic hygiene methods (just plain soap, not anti-bacterial), healthy diets and exercises and being conscientious to stay away from others when we are sick, we would all be far better off for it.

And for good measure, if you have to kiss a pig - make sure it isn't showing flu symptoms.


Olivér said...

Very much agreed. I would never let my sons be vaccinated.

You know, fear creates its subject. We are not allowing it to happen.

Thanks for the post.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Amen! This message is especially powerful coming from a nurse.

Holly said...

I'm a nurse also and completely agree with you-in fact, I've said very similar to people! LOL.
Just came across your blog yesterday and am enjoying it very much. Holly