Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When it comes to my workplace, I am a bit of an outcast. Not in the sense that I am treated poorly, but I definately do not fit in, either. Grumble sessions about the workplace end quickly when my opinion is sought - me not being much of a union supporter...or much of a grumbler. Man bashing sessions are squashed when I hold my husband out as an example of positive manhood. Like I said, outcast.

Then the other day one of my co-workers noticed the book I just started to read, "What He Must Be...if he wants to marry my daughter" by Voddie Baucham.

"Do you really think you can control your kid like that?"

me: "well, it's more about teaching her to have standards for marriage."

"No way! You can't control who she falls in love with - that's crazy."

I carried on the conversation explaining that if we accept emotional responses to situations as solid reasoning than every pedophile has a reason for what they do - if they claim to be 'in love'. I talked about teaching our kids to make decisions with their brain rather than emotions. The ideals of what marriage is will come from somewhere, whether it is from peers or media based entertainment...neither of which will teach kids logically never mind biblically!

By having both sons and daughters recognize their value in Christ and have non-negotiable standards for future relationships/marriage, then they are alot less likely to end up dealing with teen pregnancy or STDs that haunt them for the rest of their lives; they are alot less likely to give themselves away to the first person who pays any romantic attention to them; alot less likely to feel like being single is a failure and settle for less than God's BEST.

At which point in the conversation I realize my co-workers are staring blankly at me and you can hear the sound of crickets in the room - no doubt they are thinking, 'weirdo'.

Still...I'm OK with that. After all, we are called to be peculiar people for God! ;o)


Holly said...

Well, honestly, I think that people who think like your coworker are the wierd ones. Holly

Mrs. Parunak said...

I so admire your joyful willingness to have a strong testimony. This was a very encouraging post! And I liked those good thoughts on marriage, too.