Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the Way to Grandparents' House

I really have been busy during the last month and it has kept me from even posting some pictures to show off. So let me start by showing off some pictures of a recent trip to my dad's house. Actually, these pictures show the farm where we stopped on the way. The farm sells produce, of course, but they also have a section of kid's activities that is great fun. We had Duck's BFF with us.

There was tricycle race track. Take note ladies, if you sit on a small vehicle it just makes you look big:

Here's my husband joining in the fun. The little house had a loft with a slide:Here's what happens the next day when two little ladies have had a good time - even though they were determined to be up before everyone else!:

This week is the Fall Fair in our area, so Duck and I are sewing and knitting and baking up a storm! I'll have some pictures to share next week - God willing I have time!

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Mrs. Parunak said...

A tricycle race track? That's great! What a wild idea.