Friday, September 4, 2009

A Neat Idea!

Have you missed me? Just kidding...we've came home from another camping trip last week and a homeschool field trip to the zoo this week, plus all the canning and freezing I have been doing the last two days - PHEW! I have finally finished unpacking and doing laundry and dishes and organizing! I haven't downloaded my pictures from the camp or the zoo yet (I'll save them for next week), but because I have been absent I thought to show about a great party favour - think back -to - school party! I can't take credit for it, but it is a really neat idea found at a recent 5 yo birthday party. Candy Sushi!

It is so simple, it's brilliant! A fruit roll-up filled with Nerds candy and a Mike and Ike jelly bean in the middle to help roll it all up. is total sugar and I wouldn't let my Duck eat more than two - however, I took this one home to take the pictures. You'll have to guess who got to eat it! Although, I imagine my dentist will be able to tell ;o)

1 comment:

Mrs. Parunak said...

It's brilliant! *I* even think it looks yummy.

...and, yes, I missed you!