Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rock Climbers

As I mentioned in last week's S&T, these are the rock climbing pictures I had wanted to post. We went to a local community sports center with our good friends and four of the kids signed up to use the rock wall. But, when you have two older boys and two BFF girls - you have competition!

The girls had been here to use the wall just two weeks prior and had both made it to the top of the wall. So...there was no way the boys were going to be shown up - they were sure they could make it to the top!

Now, Duck and her friend HH are 9 years old. HH's brothers are 15 and 13. Both boys are taller than me (which puts them well over 6') and they didn't realize that the bigger you are, the harder the climb can be...
The 13 yo made it 3/4 up the wall, but the 15yo made it to the top. Here he is touching the wall number at the top for good measure:
HH was not to be outdone. Being shorter, she actually has to climb higher to reach the wall number:

Then it was Duck's turn, she didn't make it all the way this time, though. Each kid took approximately 1/2 hour to climb up and they were hot, sweaty and tired by the time they finished.We all returned to the house for a winter campfire and a games night (has anyone else discovered The Settlers of Catan?).
A fun day for young and old!
(BTW, the reason they have the wall to themselves - it's the tradition time for sitting in a classroom. Ya' gotta love homeschooling!)
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Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

Hey there friend,

My boys would love to do this. That is a idea ! Maybe this year. I have to do some number crunching to see if we could. Wahoo for the girls. And WE love Settlers of Catan ! We have the first one and the Sea Farers (sp ?). Now talking about it I think we will have to play tomorrow. 1ds is out tonight.

( psst I linked you. You forgot but not forgotten. ((hugs)) )

Blessings in Him<><

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are way up there. I think I would chicken out!

LakeLady said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing the great pics of the rock climbing fun! It's great when you get the place to yourselves like that too!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Fun pictures! My DH is an avid rock climber, so this is all near and dear to my heart, but what's a BFF girl?

Kim from Canada said...

Hey, Mrs. P;

BFF girls is pretty much the extent of my 'Hollywood' talk - it means 'best friends forever'.

Pam said...

I don't think I could do rock climbing, but my daughter loves it. I'm glad your family was having such a great time.