Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Sign

Just as I have been buried in my gardening thoughts, another sign of spring arrived in the mail. The brochure for the home education conference that I attended last year.

Conferences for home education are becoming part of my spring ritual now. It isn't because I'm looking for a different curriculum - I really like the set up we use now. What I enjoy is the workshops and speakers. They can be so encouraging and inspire new ideas for the coming year.

Walking through the exhibitor's hall is fun, too. Window shopping for alternative or additional school books keeps my husband occupied for a couple of hours. We always buy the next year's grade books while we're there and get a cheaper price - no s&h. Plus, I like to look through the curriculum books to discern what we really need. In particular, the teaching aids are more easily evaluated than when looking at a catalogue - they're not always worth my money.

So this brochure only adds to my spring fever - because it happens in April. How time flies! And yet, there is so much to do before then...

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Mrs. Parunak said...

I have yet to attend a homeschool conference, but it sure does sound like fun. I think it would be pretty inspiring even just to be around so many other people who are trying to do similar things in their families.