Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Again!

Please, no! Not another discussion on the quiverful debate. I can't take it!

Too many times this debate deteriorates into "the mom with the most kids wins", or "the more children you have the more righteous you are". Of course, if this were true, than women who have twins or other multiples would need to be praised alot more than women who give birth to one measly child at a time.

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3

Of course children are a blessing when raised in God's way. But go back to verses 1 & 2 of this Psalm. Only God can put the building in motion for an actual heritage. 'It is vain' for any of us to concern ourselves with the number of arrows in our quiver. For a 'mighty man' (specifically a godly man) can raise up and shoot off the perfect arrow with great aim - even if he only has one. The true quiverful issue lies with trusting God for the number of arrows with which He blesses the womb.

I, as a mother of one beautiful 10 year old, cannot stand the foolishness that surrounds these discussions. Whether it is people who scorn at large families with the worldly arguments of overpopulation; or those who use every scientific means possible (surgeries, medications, surrogates) to give birth over and over. It is a lack of trust that fuels each of these opposing views. A lack of trust that the Lord knows what He is doing.

I have learned that lesson of faith. I didn't have any choice, God built my faith in this area. Ten years without further children sent me to the scriptures many times! I prayed and laid my desires at God's throne, always with the understanding of "Thy will be done". There were plenty of times I considered placing my will over His - after all God allows all these medical technologies to exist - doesn't He expect us to use them? Non-christians are given babies all the time and hand them over to the prince of this world - it's only right and fair that I force my womb to produce more children for His glory. Right?

Even with all the arguments I had with myself I couldn't do it. I know it would be done for my glory - or the glory for some doctor, but not God's glory. I know that there is nothing wrong with my body that God cannot fix if that is His will.

So for ten years, I wait for an answer. For ten years God has built my trust in Him that has affected many areas of my life and can now be passed on to my daughter with confidence.

A lesson that He obviously wanted me to learn. Because now I'm 40 years old and pregnant.

That's right - no grandstanding intended. This is for God's glory! No explanation, no warning. Just pregnant. Eleven weeks today, actually. And the most excited person in the house is the 10 year big sister.

How's that for a story on the building of faith and answered prayer?


Jacqueline said...

Congrats! There are 13 years between my last two children and I was 43 when the last of my four were born. One of my doctors counseled we to abort because of my age and I think about often. How much joy we would have missed! Children are a gift from God and I'm so happy for you

Perfect in Imperfection said...


I am fairly new to your blog, but I love it.

Let me introduce myself in the form of a great big cyber-hug and a CONGRATULATIONS!

May God be praised! :)


Lori said...

Hurray! Congratulations! What happy news - and Duck must be over the moon! Thanks for sharing!

mom-e-mae said...

Congratulations!!! What a blessing!

Chosen said...

WOOOOWWW!! Congratulations! Very happy for you.

Eszti said...

I agree with you. Sometimes I wanna believe that God appreciates my effort to raise and homeschool my 4 boys (all under age 7). Christians around me just plainly reject the blessings, after they have their planned 2 or 3 kids- not because God closes their wombs, but because of their comfort and selfishness.

Telling the truth, sometimes I' angry at them, because most of them can't train their few children to be obedient kids: they are just running around in church and teasing my kids.

And you see, I am here, having 4 kids, the younger is almost 1,5 and I want to be pregnant again... I just don't know what to feel, because I've already had 4 c-sections and I don't want another one. But kids keep coming, and we are glad. We tried homebirth 2 times, but it was not succesful (I was afraid...)

So, here I am, and as I read your post, the thought came to me, that it is all about FAITH. You see, you needed faith to completely trust in the Lord about not having a baby - you needed to rest in Him, and put all your why questions to His feet and leave them there. And I so desperately need that same faith to trust in Him about having c-sections all the way. I still can't rest in Him continuously- I just want a natural birth- or do I? I just want the Lord, to fill in the blanks of broken my heart and my asking mind.

Sorry for being soooooo long.

Thank you for writing that post- it means much to me in my journey of faith. Congrats for the little one in you. May God bless him or her very much, and so your nice quiverful (I mean it!) family.:)

Mrs. Parunak said...

Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim, I'm thrilled out of my mind for you and your family. I just prayed for your new little one. Do keep us posted on how you're both doing. :)

Janet said...

WELL, I am obviously behind on some very special news!! Congratulations, and praise the Lord!

We had our last baby when I was 44, so you're just a spring chicken. In fact, the grandkids started coming before our youngest was born, so my dh and I teased each other that we were so anxious to have grandbabies we thought we'd have one of our own. :D

I, too, am sick of the quiverfull debate. I've heard it all. I've been criticized by both sides (I have too many children; I have lack of faith because we chose to have my tubes tied after my SECOND placenta previa which necessitated weeks in the hospital, C-section, blood transfusions, etc.) So I can't win. But you know, God has taught me so much about Himself as I put my trust in Him. Your post resonates with me.

I'm excited for you and for Duck and Daddy. I'll try to follow a little more closely, so I won't be the last to know. :D