Friday, November 27, 2009


I had forgotten how quickly pregnancy makes me feel fat. Just coming to the end of the first trimester and I'm not able to wear alot of my pants and skirts. They still fit fine, and I haven't gained any weight, but the waistbands drive me crazy - even track pants with elastic waistbands.

So over several weeks now, I have purchased some 'Trucker Bob' pants. A term my loving husband has labelled them. I fondly remember a pair of brown, corduroy maternity pants I had when I was pregnant with Duck. They were ugly - seriously, the ugliest pants you could imagine, but the most comfortable!

It seems maternity wear has not progressed much as far as esthetics. I am sure if I wanted to go to the high-end stores and spend a fortune on clothes (that I will only wear for another year) maybe there would be some real fashion treasures. However, Value Village and a little consignment shop called Once Upon a Child have provided 3 bottoms and several tops for the same (or lesser) price of one outfit at a 'maternity' shop. The choice between frugal or vanity is pretty easy for me. Just call me 'Bob'.

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Mrs. Parunak said...

Hey, we have Once Upon a Child here in Michigan, too. And I buy most of my maternity clothes there. I had no idea it was an international boutique! ;)

I'm with you on waistbands in early pregnancy. I'm usually digging out my softer and bigger stuff by my second month.