Friday, July 10, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?

Today I am showing and telling about this year's garden. I love my garden, even with all the 'tragedies' that must be endured. This is the best, full shot I could get of it. We have green beans, peas, tomatoes, watermelon, eggplant, squash, cucumbers and corn planted this year:The corn is always a struggle in our cold climate. So when we see the fruit coming out it is a fantastic event! Even if we only get 1/2 dozen cobs, that meal is worth it!This next section shows the wild vegetation that we enjoy. This is one of the potato plants that have grown spontaneously in our garden every year. We don't plant them, they just grow. Each year I think I have pulled all the new potatoes out, each new year another plant(s) appears:These aren't really wild, but they were present on the property when we got here. There are several 'bushes' of these perennials just starting to blossom - if anyone knows the name, I'd love to hear it:I saw these in a gardening book just this past winter - they grow in the brush by my garage. Apparently they are garlic? The spear-like flowers are supposedly edible, but in the fall I will be pulling them up to see if there really is a garlic bulb in there:Finally, this is the plant that grows at my entrance. The container is an old, rusty milk can salvaged from a barn. The plant? I have no idea - pretty much just a weed that grew out of the soil I filled the container with. The original plan was to plant flowers, but this vine is quite nice...for a weed! There you have it. Proof that I don't kill every green thing that comes to my care. Hopefully in the fall I will be able to show and tell some of the produce we expect to enjoy. IF I can keep the critters at bay!

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Lori said...

With the garlic, just break off a stem. It should smell like garlic. I'm told that the garlic grass is edible and has a nice, mild garlic flavor. Never tried it myself though. If you can, I recommend salad-type leaves. I planted arugula one year and it was unbelievable - way more everything than the store bought, except price and size. My leaves were small, but with this wonderful intense nutty flavor, that was also spicy like radish. And it should do beautifully in a cooler climate. For us it's only spring and fall, because it bolts in the summer heat.

Annie Kate said...

Weeds are only flowers growing where no one wants them. So, I suppose, weeds growing where you want them are flowers, right?

I like your flowers.

As for the garlic, if it doesn't smell like garlic or onion, DON'T EAT IT. Some members of the lily family are poisonous.

Annie Kate

Kim from Canada said...

Don't worry, definately smells like garlic!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Beautiful garden! I'm shocked you can get watermelon to grow up north. I thought you had to be in a very hot climate. Shows how much (little) I know.

Kim from Canada said...

Mrs. Paranak, I didn't say the watermelon would grow ;o)

This is our first year trying it. But we did get two cantaloupes last year!