Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Adventure Day!

Yesterday was beautiful weather and we spent several hours on the water in a canoe. We have friends who work for the Ministry of Natural Resources in Algonquin Provincial Park. The use of the canoe comes with the cabin where they are staying - lucky for us to know them! Since we sold our kayaks a year and half ago, because Duck was too big to fit in with us (darn those long legs!) we have really missed this part of the outdoors.
Duck is still learning how to paddle, so she sat in the middle while my husband and I toured across a large lake:
We stopped at a landing several kilometres away and gave Duck some time in the front of the canoe trying out her skills. Homeschooling is everywhere and dad is a great teacher!: This final shot is a group of loons that were playing in the middle of lake. Look closely, the third one has his head under water. They are one of my favourite birds because of their beauty and their playfulness:
Now I leave you for the week. The Duck and I are off for our annual girls' trip with our friends, Ducks friend HH and her mom. The special part of this year's trip is that HH's little sister is coming with us for the first time - she's three y.o. We told her last week that she could join us this year and it has been the longest week of her life waiting to go!
I'm sure I'll bring back some great pictures! Have a great week.

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Mrs. Parunak said...

Hope your trip is wonderful! I'll look forward to seeing your pictures.