Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Titus 2 Wrap Up

That's right, we just finished our ladies' study on Martha Peace's book Becoming a Titus 2 Woman. Our study group has taken most of the last 6 months working our way through this book and have found it very inspiring. Not only has it encouraged each of us to examine our roles as women, but it has brought us closer as a group. Several of the women in our study were only acquaintances to me when we started and now we are very familiar with each other. Two very good reasons for studying scripture as a group!
So these are the final self-study questions that accompany our sessions - you will see that I had to stop focusing the questions on just 'husband and wife' situations - some of our ladies are single or widowed, therefore their authority falls under their father or the pastor, respectively. Hopefully each of you that has followed the study has enjoyed the contemplative nature of these questions - and I do encourage you to find a copy of the book.

1. Our reason for studying God's word should be to seek His heart. Do I work toward being a woman after God's own heart?

2. When I disagree or dislike my authority/husband's decisions, do I graciously follow in the same way as I would when I agree?

3. When my house is lacking harmony, do I accept that I may be responsible? Am I guilty of causing the chaos?

4. Do I project a 'doormat' submission to those around me or do people see a working relationship between myself and my authority/husband?

5. Do I live what I preach? (i.e. do younger women see me as a positive Titus 2 role model)

6. Have I ever entered into gossiping with a girlfriend when talking about our authority/husbands? Do I seek to build up my authority/husband?

7. When I believe my authority/husband is sinning, do I trust that God will deal with him or do I 'help' God by trying to change him my way?

8. Do I believe God's authority structure is the best way in all situations?

9. If I made a list of things in my life that honour God and a list of things that dishonour Him, which list would be longer?

10. How often do I allow my emotions to lead my behaviour rather than the word of God?

11. After completing this study, do I believe God would have me initiate relationships with other women in order to live out Titus 2:3-5? Am I going to do it?


Chosen Mom said...

Sounds like a good study, I read through your questions- thought-provoking!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Good questions. I liked the one about which list would be longer.