Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Happy Dance

(an old post I was reminded of recently - it still applies to today!)

The happy dance is something that happens in our home throughout the school year. It originated quite spontaneously when my little girl, Duck, was in grade one. The happy dance is executed on occasions wherein we, the Duck and I, complete a large unit or project.

It is a silly little tradition that the Duck never fails to remind me to complete. Just today we finished the 4th unit of her reading comprehension, leaving only one more unit to complete for grade 3, and we promptly stood in the middle of the living room and did our thing. A crazy, but happy dance. A celebration of accomplishment! A moment to appreciate the privileges in homeschooling and a moment to build a silly little tradition that the Duck loves.

There may come a time in her life when the happy dance is just a memory and she's 'too mature' to do it anymore. I hope that time is a long way off because I also love to jump up and celebrate with a little jig.

The dog, however, thinks we're nuts.

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Mrs. Parunak said...

Charming! That's a tradition I'd love to start at our house, too.