Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Addiction

This is where I share my long time hidden secret. Promise not to tell anyone! Even though I am a neat freak, an organization guru and a decluttering nut...I can't get myself to throw out those little balls of left over yarn. Knitters and crochet-ers know what I'm talking about. Those left over balls of yarn after a knitting project is complete - no matter how much or how little the amount left over, I roll it up and stuff it into bags and bins. Unfortunately, my addiction to these balls includes collecting them at yard sales and from other knitters who have enough sense to get rid of them!

This red bag is just the tip of the iceberg - there's also a full (large) cardboard box in my storage closet. So I have determined to use it all up!

The first shot here shows the a lattice pattern dishcloth I got offline:
With different small projects I plan to use any number of combinations in colour or texture. The slippers below are called Nanny slippers in our house, because the pattern was used repeatedly by my husband's nanny for years. I had hoped to show a picture of the multi-coloured pair I made for Duck, but we couldn't find them. These are mine.The dishcloth below (yes, it's dirty - it is currently in use) is another example of simple patterns I am using.

If anyone has patterns for little projects like these, where a mish-mash of yarn could be used, please share them. I expect it will take most of the year to use up all of my collection. But then, once again, I can claim victory over clutter! Wish me luck.
For more show and tell, see Mary!


Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

Did we plan this ??? [0; You would think that we did with what posted. [0= I LOVE your washcloths. I will look through my bookmarks and send you a email. Hot pads are a GOOD way to use up yarn too. Do you crochet ? I might have some patterns for you that way.

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
In Him<><

Susan Marlow . . . said...

Please, please, please share the pattern for the slippers! I bought a pair at a bazaar, meaning to look them over to make a pair, but alas, time has not allowed for that. Now they have holes in the soles already. :-(
I remember a pattern similar (but not exactly) like this as a child, when I knit my first pair of slippers.
I also have little balls--mostly of samples of angora bunny yarn I've spun.

Tina said...

Oh I am not the only one who saves all the little balls?! I just cleaned out my craft closet. It is a tiny little spot under the stairs and over the year stuff just gets stuffed in the wrong spot. I found balls of yarn everywhere! Good luck on using all of yours!

Karen said...

I like those slippers. You did a great job!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kim from Canada said...

Mary - I do not crochet, but have attempted many times to learn it. I can't seem to the knit/purl mantra out of my head! But, I will keep trying.

Susan - I'll plan a show and tell that documents the slipper pattern, promise!

Antoinette said...

I promise not to tell. My lips are sealed!
You and Mary should start a knitting club of odds and ends :)

I love the slippers - such a pretty blue.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I love your dishcloths, too, especially the one with the heart--how cute!

I'm more of a seamstress than a knitter (OK, I can barely knit at all, so a dishcloth would be a BIG project for me). I need to come up with some projects for all my scraps of fabric I've so carefully saved! I have a huge box of them. Maybe I should learn to make "crazy quilts?"