Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Marketing Angle

So have you seen the reports coming out of England that an athiest group is using billboards to advance their cause? The signs are on buses and in subway stations that say "There probably is no God, so stop worrying about it and get on with life!" (or something along those lines)

The funny (and sad) thing about this campaign is, do non-believers really need to recruit? Is this marketing really necessary? We are born sinners. Unless we are called out of our sin by God, we stay in a state of total depravity.

The news cast showed several examples of Christians huffing and puffing indignantly about the signs - as they should from their own beliefs. But...I don't believe God is worried, or surprised. The world has not changed since the garden of Eden was closed up. As Christians, we need to have patience with these type of campaigns and be wary of those who promote them. However, I am secure in the knowledge that Christ is on his throne at the right hand of God and the Spirit will continue to work in those who are chosen.

The small Gospel Hall church by my place often places quick quotes on their street sign. One in particular sticks in my mind:
"No God, no peace.
Know God, Know peace."


Mrs. Parunak said...

I had not heard of this campaign. I love your point, "Do unbelievers really need to recruit?" One wonders. And how many "converts" are they really getting from these ads? Or is it more just thumbing their noses as Christians and other religious people?

Kim from Canada said...

It would be your latter comment that is motivating them. Apparently, one woman on particular who initiated the campaign stated she was tired or seeing scripture on buses and billboards - so she came up with this idea.

As far as converts go - the news broadcast just love to show people who are 'thrilled' with the signs. But, I wouldn't call them converts - they're already playing for that team anyway.