Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frigid Fun!

Today for Show and Tell with Mary, I'm showing off some pictures from the recent deep freeze we are experiencing. To be honest...I did not take these pictures...OK, I was not even there. I'm not going outside in this weather! These are some shots from a recent "Dad date". My husband and Duck went for a hike in their snowshoes and brought back the pictures for me.

This first one shows the morning frost on the brush - see the steam rising from the river:My family members weren't the only ones out in the cold, check out this woodpecker working away:Here's Duck making a run down a snowmachine trail - it's much easier to hike when the snow is groomed for you. Most of the trail was hard slugging for them, though:Take a look at the backside. It is a tell tale sign of the snow angels they were making! They had a great time, but were happy to run to the hot chocolate shop, too! Happy Show and Tell!


Tina said...

Wow what awesome photos! I love snow and winter. We do not get it here in the mid alantic. But I grew up in the PNW and do miss it!

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

It sure looks like your dd and hubby had a GREAT time on their walk. I just loved the pics ! Sooo pretty. Hee he on the evidence of snow angle making.
[0= I need to make one before our snow season is gone. It is raining today. ((sigh)) hope it snows again soon. Ohhh it is now.

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<><

P.S. Email me what you would like and I will let you know the price and we can go from there. (about the seeds) Thank you for your intrest !

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. Here in texas we don't have snow so i am always jealous of those that do.

bubbebobbie said...

Wow she can really move with those things on her feet! Way to go, Duck! It may be cold, but man is it every lovely to look at through your window holding a cup of hot cocoa!
Hope your all thawing nicely.
Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Mrs. Parunak said...

Beautiful pictures! I like the snow angel evidence. I think it's so cool that your DH takes his Duck on Daddy dates. What a precious foundation for her.

Antoinette said...

My, that picture of the woodpecker with his bright read head against the white snow is really neat.

I get a lot of my pictures from my daughter taking them, too. It's nice!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I know I already commented on this post, but I wanted to tell you what a beautiful new picture you have on your header. I love those rich red berries!

Kim from Canada said...

Why, thank you Mrs. Parunak. Those berries are on the mountain ash tree in our backyard - or they were. We had a huge flock of birds clean it off last week. I hope to show the pictures of those birds this week.