Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

When I was making the transition from full time, oustide-the-home employment to being full time in the home, I had some strange thinking patterns.

a) I used to think it would be great to sleep in whenever I wanted. Now when I do choose to sleep past 8:30 a.m., I pay for it all day long playing catch up,

b) I used to think, "what will I do with all my time?". Now I look at the clock at 3 p.m. and wonder where the time went,

c) I used to think my husband would never be able to handle all the responsibilities afforded to him as the head of the house. Now I praise him for his accomplishment and give thanks that he is willing and capable to do it,

d) I used to think that boredom would be a problem for me as a SAHM. Now I covet moments where I can 'do nothing', even for a few minutes.

e) I used to think I would appreciate still having a part time job outside of the home to get away. Now I find any amount of time spent working outside of my home is inconvenient and interfers with the routine and organization of my home,

f) I used to think that my executive experience would lead me to be efficient, organized and on top of all my home and school plans. Now I know I can't treat my husband and daughter like my employees and I need to be more flexible with my plans,

g) I used to think that 'housewives' must have limited intelligence. Now I struggle with fixing kitchen appliances, grade 4 math, and cooking a turkey safely - never mind remembering to get the garbage out to the curb on time,

h) I used to think I had everything figured out to be a success as a SAHM. Now I know I will never know it all, there will always be something more to learn and improve on within myself.

i) I used to think that if being a SAHM became unbearable, I always had a career to fall back on. Now I know my life as a SAHM will be what I make out of it - and I take that challenge to build my home very seriously.

For those who are just coming home full time, or those who have been there for awhile, I hope you share in the desire to persevere, to learn and to grow as wives, moms and women.

So teach us to number our days that we may present to Thee a heart of wisdom.
Proverbs 90:12


Mrs. Parunak said...

Very intersting post! I can identify, especially with thinking that you could just get up whenever and that you'd have lots of free time.

Carol said...

I like that. I came home 4 1/2 years ago from full time work in the medical field. I'm a SAHM now and I can relate to a lot of what you shared. My dh would like a farm like yours some day, but without me working I don't know how it will ever be possible! Does your dh make a lot of money?

Kim from Canada said...

Hi Carol,
I sent you an email to answer your questions more specifically - but for the sake of other readers, our decision for me to be a SAHM was based on knowing that God will (and has!) provide for all our needs. No, we do not bring home a banker's salary! ;o)

Pam said...

I love this post. I felt the same way about being a stay at home mom. Now I am so thankful to be able to be with my kids. : )
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Civilla said...

Loved your post. I am from the Dakotas, and our weather is very cold here, too!