Thursday, November 6, 2008

Calling All Blogger Experts

Okay, today I'm doing something a little different for Show and Tell - I am showing and telling you of my ignorance!

Please, please, please tell me what some of the short form texts mean. Often I read blog posts, and then the comments, but the short form text messages leave me wondering what I'm reading!

I have figured out some of them (e.g. LOL - laugh out loud, BTW - by the way) but my knowledge is limited. Also, I am hesitant to use any of them as I do realize that some could be profane.

So, I am humbly asking for the more experienced bloggers to let me in on the lingo - please?
For more S&T, visit here.


SuzyScribbles said...

Uh...I only know a couple like
ROTFL (Rolling on the Floor laughing).
OK. that's it. I think it's great that you are asking. I will definitely come back and read all the comments so I can learn them too!

The Happy Housewife said...

Here is a link to an article that lists most of the abbreviations.
HTH (hope that helps!)

Stacy said...

Love the title of your blog!

This should help you:,,sid11_gci211776,00.html

Jenn4him said...

You are not alone! I have had similar trouble. I hope you get some answers and then do a post on what they mean!

Linda said...

You can do a search for Internet abbreviations to find some lists. I only know a few of them. I come across a lot that refer to people. DH=dear husband, DS=dear son, DD=dear daughter, MIL=mother in law, FIL=father in law. I try not to use abbreviations because I know how it feels to not know what they mean!

Stephanie Reed said...

Here you go--I just skimmed these and it looks like most are rated 'G'.

And I know from watching news reports about monitoring your kids that POS means Parent over Shoulder.

Pam said...

Which ones are you wondering about?
That's the problem with the short messages, they take a while to discover what they mean.
ROFOL= rolling on the floor laughing. I know that one is used quite often.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Well, Kim, I don't think I'm much ahead of you in this department. All I can add is that DH, DD, and DS stand for dear husband, dear daughter, and dear son respectively, and MIL is mother-in-law.

bubbebobbie said...

Well lets see .. this is what I see most often
OMG Now the G is one I always write out because I would rather it stand for Oh My Gooness than Oh my God or Oh my Gosh. TMI or 2MI is Too much Information. FYI most know that is For your information, BRB is Be Right Back and ROFLOL is ROLLING of the Floor Laughing out loud,CUL8R is See you later and G@G is Got to go.JK Just Kidding,NP No problem One moms use a lot SOB Stressed out Big Time!

Have fun!
Because of Jesus, Bobbie KIP (keep in touch)

Kidcraze said...

Oh, I feel your pain! It took me a long time to figure out the lingo. Let's see, here are a few off the top of my head:

ROFLOL is Rolling on the floor, laughing out loud

KWIM is Know what I mean?

GR8 is great

DH is dear husband

DC is usually dear child or children

DS is dear son; DD is dear daughter

and one that I learned recently is

HF for horizontal fellowship....figure it out, but I"ve seen it in relation to husband and wife.

Carol said...

Let me see if I can think of any off the top of my head. Mary uses SSIC (sweet sister in Christ), and ty (thank you) and yw (you're welcome). Then there is the dd (dear daughter), 1dd (first dd), 1dd9 (first dd, nine years old)...Works the same for ds (dear son). Dh is dear husband. Dw is dear wife. ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). GMTA is great minds think alike. Once you get those down, you can ask about others when they come up...


Anonymous said...

I don't know anymore than you do, sorry I can't help you. Have great weekend.

SuzyScribbles said...

Oh, the craft tables aren't too expensive up here. The one I'm doing next Saturday costs only $25. For sure I come out ahead on that, as I only have to sell one set of books to pay for the table.
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It's probably not too late to find a bazaar in December to try out. Go for it!

Canadagirl said...

LTTN is laughing through the nose

brb is be right back

ttyl is talk to you later

PTL is Prais the Lord [0=

\O/ is raising and waving arms in the air.

=oP is sticking out tounge.

That is all I can add to what others have said. I even learned some through what others shared. POS is one I will be aware of. [0; LOL

blessings and ((HUGS))