Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I really am here - and I've been tagged!

Mrs Parunak passed on a little blog game. By 'tagging' me, I need to do a post that lists 7 somethings. I have to say I made several lists that could have been used, then I decided to use the pictures I've been waiting to post. These are seven pictures from a recent 'girls vacation' that the Duck and I took with our friends. The reason for the trip was the Duck's friend, H, had her 8th birthday. Both the Duck and H are horse crazy, so what better present than a trail ride!

1. Here we are heading for the bunk house- that's the Duck, H, and H's mom:

2. Once we had our instructions (and helmets), we hit the trail:

3. There was a small issue when the horse that I was riding had a hissy fit and started kicking the horse Duck was riding. Here is the 'tattoo' that was left behind when her leg got in the middle of the short battle - the kick only grazed her leg leaving this mark and we are so thankful it didn't make a connection with her bone!:

4. But the trip didn't end there. We headed farther south and planned a day at the beach, Sand Banks National Park to be specific. The excitement for the girls included a ride on a ferry (they look like horses with their ponytails flying in the wind):
5. This is the beach babies playing in the surf. The waves were huge and H needed her lifejacket to make sure she stayed afloat when each wave washed over us! The area is quite shallow though, with 'sand banks' or sand bars for a long distance from shore, so in between the waves even short people can still touch:

6. Being the blond that I have always been, I should know better than to ignore the reapplication of sunblock. This burn is the result of four hours at the beach, even though it was overcast skies. I had a slight case of sunstroke to top it all off:

7. And, finally, what's a girl's vacation without treats? We stopped for ice cream cones on the trip home.
This, of course, is not the only treat we had while away. It was fun and relaxing and just as much a gift for all of us as for the birthday girl.

I will spare everyone from any pictures of how my skin peeled (and is still peeling) from the burn!

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Mrs. Parunak said...

Fun pictures! I'm a big sunburner myself, so I can sympathize. Thanks for playing!