Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a Week!

I haven't hit the computer in awhile, but I'll blame it on the busy week we had last week. Our end-of-school trip to Center Island was last Tuesday. We had a group of 5 homeschooling families load into two large vans and headed out on the long road to Toronto:

We arrived just after noon and it didn't take long for the Duck and her dad to head off for our day of adventure:

One of the main reasons my husband comes for this trip (or any other to Toronto) is the street vendors - check out the sausage!

When we boarded the ferry to cross over to the island, the big ships were out with full masts - very neat for the kids to see:

The Duck and her lifelong friend HH were ready to hit all the main attractions (it was pointed out that HH's mom and I have been friends long before these two ever came along and how cool it is that they have become such good friends, too)

In the above shot, they had to check at each ride if they were tall/short enough to get on. They are both just the right size for this park!

They also took duties with the little ones whose parents can't fit on the ride (see below) - already working as mother's helpers for our friends!

But when they could get off on their own, they had a blast! My husband and I were deemed the escort for these two and we stayed at the swan ride for well over 1/2 an hour! Boarding over and over again...eventually the young people running the ride just let them keep going:

This shot is HH's mom taking one of several pictures of the swan drivers.

Then it was over to the antique cars where "you really get to drive!" Again we were there for multiple rides around the track.

We didn't let them have all the fun alone, of course. This is my hubby saddled up on the merry-go-round:

Then we hit the bumper boats - here the girls are in line after they realize that they are going to be riding with a bunch of boys! We think this is where they plan their stategy to hit as many of those boys as they can:

Action shots!
High Five!

Once the girls realized they hadn't reached the halfway point of the park and we had been there almost three hours, they decided to move a little quicker from ride to ride:

The log ride - that's me in the back. And by quicker from ride to ride, I mean they only took the log ride about 6 times ;)
One of my favourite places in the park is the little farm, but I only got as far as the front gate - the roller coaster is right next to it and I lost the vote on where to go next. But not before this shot of the funny goats:

The roller coaster was too fast to get a good picture, but the girls were on it for 2 or 3 runs. Unfortunately, HH wasn't tall enough to get on the bumper cars this year - but for sure next year.

So here is some of the gang on the ferry headed back to shore. The excited faces from the morning were replaced with tired eyes and calls for food.

We found our van and loaded up everyone for another year. Good friends, good fun!


Jacqueline said...

What a great idea! You're so lucky to be close enough to do something like that.

Nature Mama said...

What an awesome trip!! Wow, can we come next time? *grin* Thanks for sharing with us :)

molytail said...

Looks like lots of fun - I love amusement parks! :-) Thanks for sharing!