Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Book (CD) Reveiw 5

I couldn't get a bigger picture, but it is a CD not a book. This is the 2011 Woman of Faith Worship CD entitled Rejoice, is a compilation of 10 worship songs sung by the Women of Faith Worship Team. Most Christians would probably recognize a couple of the songs, however, even the hymns have a real 'concert' sound to them - a little bit rocky. They put their own twist on them which I wasn't crazy about, but it was okay.

These women have beautiful voices, without question. The singing team are listed as Kara Tualatai, Michelle Swift, Laura Cooksey, Janice Gaines, Allison Abbott, Jenifer Thigpen, and Jovaun Woods.

Per the product description, "REJOICE captures the unbridled joy, awestruck adoration, and reverent worship audiences experience over the course of a two-day Women of Faith event."

I can recommend for those who enjoy the comtemporary style of worship. However, I prefer a more traditional approach to hymns and christian music - the 'reverent' description on the CD does not match my idea of the word.

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