Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dog's Best Friend

Warning: this is a post for animal lovers only! The rest of you won't get it...

My dog, Pokey, is known to us a sweet albeit mischievious jack russell terrier. He is not hyper, as his breed can be at times. In fact, he is on the lazy side when in the house. However, take him for a walk and he becomes a new dog. When Pokey walks through the neighbourhood he appears to present himself as a much larger dog - head held high and chest stuck out. A leash is a necessity as he is unpredictable around other dogs. There are times we pass another dog and Pokey doesn't even look at it; then there are times when he is bearing his teeth and snarling like he's a lion!

For the longest time we could not figure out what the difference in dogs was that could bring about such polarized reactions. Eventually, we realized. Pokey is a nazi - small 'n'. He hates all dogs who he deems to be ugly or stupid or just simply below his standards for dogs. It's true...we have tested the theory. Should an approaching dog be lunging on it's leash, tongue lolling, and generally acting like a fool...Poke hates it instantly. When a dog with a ridiculous haircut (think giant poodle) is approaching...Poke will start snarling as though to tell it how stupid it looks. On the opposite end, a dog who is generally composed while walking, with no unusual appearance or accessories...Poke will ignore it or give a courtesy sniff without incident.

There is one exception to this rule and he is our houseguest for the next few days.

Meet George. He is a half breed poodle/jack mix - and, although he's as sweet as sugar, he has the intelligence of a potatoe. He is half Pokey's physical and intellectual size. And they love each other. When given the opportunity to visit together, they wrestle non-stop for 30 minutes or more and take a short break before starting up again. They will share food and water bowls and George is allowed to sleep in bed with us.

Now this isn't purely coincidental. George belongs to our good friends and he and Poke have known each other since they were pups. George is a year older than Poke which gave him some seniority when they first met and that may have channeled into a certain type of mutual adoration for their entire relationship. It works well because we dog-sit George while his family takes vacation and they will dog-sit Poke while we take some time away.

So for those who ever questioned if dogs really do have individual personality; for those who give strange looks to pet owners talking to their dogs as if they were people; for those who question if pets can love...these two really are BFFs.

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Mrs. Parunak said...

What fun! Pokey sounds like one smart pooch. And George really is cute.