Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adding to Family Adventure

This post will give a brief break in the "what if" series, but the third installment is almost done. I didn't want to miss a Show and Tell!

Well, we have been searching for quite awhile to find the best canoe for our family and just found this beautiful vessel on Monday past. After trying out multiple canoes, we purchased this Clipper Tripper for an excellent price: In our part of the country the Swift Canoe is the most well known and is recommended highly by anyone who has used one. We did try out the Swift brand, and we did like it, but the price of that line of canoes was a little high ($2500+). This brand, Clipper, is mostly associated with Mary's end of the country - British Columbia. We found it at a local canoe store after someone had traded it in for a purchase. It was the perfect size and handles great in the water:

These are all pictures that were taken when we were just doing a test paddle. It is unlikely that we will have another set of pictures with all three of us in the vessel again - one of us is always holding the camera! So far, I can highly recommend the Clipper to anyone who is looking.
Our family adventures for the rest of the summer and into fall will almost always include this new addition! Here are some of the names we have come with for our new vessel:
- wun*hoo*toots (family humour!)
- family ARK (that holds all of our initials)
- the northern rikibee (also a mix of our names, although we figured we would tell people that it was a native word for wun*hoo*toots!)
- a full, rich day
Any other suggestions!
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Tina said...

Very cool! Use to canoe alot as a kid growing up in the pacific northwest. I see many years of enjoyment ahead!

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

With all said and done I think you better name it or at least nic name it wun*hoo*toots, LOL. I wish I knew the joke behind it. [0=

I get real nervous out in a canoe. I didn't know that till last year or was it the year before ? I cannot remember. I went out with Handsome and didn't like the feeling being too far from the shore. ((blush)) I also don't like to swim out to far and if I can't see the bottom I don't like the feeling.

Now you know something you didn't know before about me. lol

Blessings in Him<><

Kidcraze said...

I am sure many wonderful memories are going to be made in that canoe!

The lake you are on is gorgeous, too.

I'm sure you all will find just the right name.

Mrs. Parunak said...

What a great canoe! That looks like such fun. You must do a follow up post when you finally christen your vessel.

Dusti said...

Very fun. Those will be great memories for your family.

Antoinette said...

How cool that you were able to get a picture of all of you using your new canoe!
Lots of fun AND good exercise. How fit you all are going to be!