Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Side Effects of Socialism

Canada is very much a socialist country. Obviously there are some Canadians that wish to live within a socialistic state because they keep voting for it. I am not one of them. To me, it is clear that one of the side effects of living in socialism is foolishness. By giving the government a mandate to "run our lives" for us, we seem to stop thinking for ourselves.

Personally, I do not need my government to tell me it's a bad idea to use my cell phone while driving or that using pesticides is hazardous to my health - and therefore they spend time and money creating laws around these things. I do not need my government to provide liquor and gambling sites in every town and then provide fully funded addiction services for when I am hooked. I do not need my government to "enhance" my parenting skills or educate my child. I do not need my government to use my taxes to support failing businesses - from artists who can't sell their version of art to car companies who have buried themselves in debt - oddly, I believe if your business is failing, it means no one wants what your selling or it has been managed poorly.

Socialism encourages the general public to accept government assistance (grants, tax rebates, program funding) AS LONG AS certain standards are met; AS LONG AS the government agencies can monitor every move you make. This gives a strong argument against ever accepting government 'help' in homeschooling. Nothing is free, it comes with a lot of strings attached.

A socialist government is not out to encourage the general public to think independently - this could hamper the chances of them staying in power. Actually, by slowly sucking people into a dependence driven life, a socialist government is breeding ignorance. It is a breed of fools that is hard to create otherwise.

All that hype for a simple example that occurred while we were on vacation recently where one of the small side effects of socialism came up. We went out for dinner at a great Italian place. Great atmosphere, great food and great service. These are all things that are hard to come by - especially all together! However, when the bill arrived, it had a surprise on it. This establishment automatically added the gratuity to the final bill. This is where the fools of socialism can be identified. When anyone is used to someone else doing their thinking for them - they do not question this type of anomoly.

A gratuity is NOT a charge for service. It is a gift for good service. It should not be automatically charged with the excuse that servers depend on tips to make a good living - owners should be expected to pay the servers an appropriate wage. More importantly, a practice of billing for a tip does not help in building good service and bad service should not expect a tip.

My husband is no fool. He immediately went to speak to our server and discussed the definition of a gratuity with him. The young man apologized with noted embarrassment and explained that the owner had set up the system this way - but, he would (and did) remove the charge at my husband's request.

Once that was done, we paid the bill - and left a good tip for our server. Because we chose to do so; because we had received good service. Not because someone else is doing our thinking for us.

I do have to be careful about complaining of the lack of common sense in this country. Some government figure might decide to commission a study and create a new agency to mandate their version of common sense!


Janet said...

What a great post, Kim! I completely agree with you. Sad to say, the Obama Administration is heading down the path of socialism, too.

I used to hope that the US would lead the way to freedom in North America. After all, New Hampshire's motto is "Live Free or Die". However, I am older (hopefully wiser) and now see that men are corrupt and will choose what is "good for them" rather than what is "right".

I rest in the Lord, who is always in control, and I figure this world is not my home anyway! I'll do what I can politically, but my study of history shows that I cannot expect righteousness to reign on this earth, until the Lord makes it so.

Laura said...

That was a great post. I agreed with every single word you said. The US is pretty much the same at this point. Thanks for your common sense.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Great post! I've been wanting to know your thoughts on this for some time as I watch the US jumping with both feet (and eyes closed) onto the socialist bandwagon.