Thursday, May 8, 2008


I have an addiction. Well, I suppose if we count chocolate, I have two addictions. Today my confession is coming out because I have a big day happening on Saturday - it is an event that will bring fellow addicts to my home. I am having a yard sale.

The art of the yard saler is generally misunderstood by those that have never been affected by the addiction. Last year, I converted my husband. Wherein once he thumbed his nose at the idea of yard sales, he now has come to the dark side and joined those of us who have discovered the feeling of euphoria when we see a $5 bread maker that is nearly new (only to bargain the price down to $3!).

Saturday I shall unload some of my now unwanted, unused or outgrown treasures to those fellow junkies who recognize a bargain when they see it. I shall empty my storage areas and open my garage doors to invite treasures seekers in for their weekly thrill. We all understand that our addiction stems from the fact that yard sales fulfill our need to be organized and frugal at the same time!

Then I shall have more space to utilize when I begin my own annual hunts! Because the Saturday following, I shall hit the roads with the local newspaper in one hand and a road map in the other. With reverence I say 'thank you, Lord, for yard sales!'

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