Friday, October 17, 2008

Harvest from the Skies

Warning: these pictures are not for those who are made quesy easily!
As I am just cleaning out the garden for the end of the season, my husband is just starting his kind of harvest. This is his second year as a duck hunter and he really enjoys it.
This is the first year that Duck has joined him for a hunt and participated in harvesting the meat. I don't actually enjoy game meats, therefore I do not offer to harvest them! Fortunately, my man enjoys the whole process of hunting, including the part that I consider icky - keeping in mind I am a nurse and deal with lots of stuff at work that my husband considers icky, so its a personal thing.
It was fun to watch dad's version of homeschooling as he showed Duck (the blonde one!) how to find the top and bottom of the rib cage.
Next, how to expose the breast meat and make the first cut to seperate the breast from the bone and then remove it:

And finally, how to turn that into a deliciously moist roast duck breast for dinner!

This is the mallard duck breast, wrapped in bacon and seasoned with lemon pepper and coffee - roasted to a medium well!

Hungry yet?

For more Show and Tell (and likely less gruesome) go here!


BChsMamaof3 said...

oh yum!! I bet that was a delicious meal *grin*. We haven't had duck in a long time. We used to raise muskovies and they are really wonderful to :) Have a wonderful weekend,

Tina said...

Yum. We use to eat duck all the time growing up. These look very good!

Jacqueline said...

My DH and oldest DS are away hunting all this week. My DS loves hunting, and he does all the cleaning and cooking for it because I'm also not a lover of wild game. :)
BTW, I just responded to your comment on my post about NaNoWriMo. It's my first time trying it.

Anonymous said...

Ok. You've officially made me hungry. (It's 7am and this looks wonderful!! he he he)

Don't you just love it when our hubbies step in to teach as well?!

They can take over teaching those things that we don't care for!!!

My boys love it when dad does that!!

Thanks for sharing,

Mary@Raising 4 Godly Men said...

Sounds YUMMY ! My hubby would love to come over for dinner. [0; That is neat your dd is gettting a chance to learn this. I remember Going to Little Bear Wheeler's Camp in Colorado and he taught his 1dd how to clean what what hunted. She is a HUGE asset to her hubby now in hunting season.

Thanks for sharing a slice of your life.

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
In Him<><

SuzyScribbles said...

Oh, yeah! I'm hungry all right. Looks like what my DH and 2 kids liked to do. "Oh, dad's butchering the chickens! Let's go watch." Or "Yeah, he bangs the rabbits over the head and then skins them." or "Aw, mom, why can't we WATCH the butcher shoot the beef cow?"

Farm Life; Farm Wife

Mrs. Parunak said...

It's great that your DH and the "Duck" could go duck hunting together! (Your husband's love of duck hunting doesn't have anything to do with your DD's name, does it?) My husband's been deer hunting a few times, and we butchered a deer ourselves in our very own little kitchen/garage once. That was a big job! Thankfully, we had friends to help us. It was everyone's first time, though. I'm sure that if we'd had someone with experience there it would have gone much more quickly. We got instructions off the internet. Nice to know your daughter won't have to do that if her husband goes duck hunting. :)

Antoinette said...

That second pic looks as yummy as our chickens when we were butchering them too....