Monday, September 8, 2008

And Away We Go

As you read this, I am on vacation. My husband has taken us camping - actual sleeping in a tent camping...pray for me ;o]

I thought I would post my weekly schedule. A schedule has been set up every year since Duck has been school age. Mostly it is a guideline, flexibility is a key to sanity, after all.

It is likely too small for anyone to be able to read the details, so allow me to expand:

We accomplish school (actual text book stuff) on Tuesdays to Saturday - Monday is my husbands day off and we make this family day. I do attempt to schedule a specific day for cleaning individual rooms (i.e. B&B on Tuesday is bed and bath, L/R on Wednesday is livingroom). This particular practice keeps me on track for in-depth cleaning of these areas - meaning Wednesday is the day we find out what is living under the couch.

Saturdays are scheduled with the lighter side of homeschool. That is when we practice our sign language skills, or crafts, or bake for others (there is still math on that day, but it goes by pretty quick), plus we plan an active event for phys-ed. I have learned to get the heavier subjects in at the beginning of the week to help keep them on track. By Friday and Saturday, we are ready for more fun stuff. Take a minute and zoom in on the extracurricular section at the bottom left of the schedule pic - this is some of the best parts of having school at home.

That was a serious comment at the top about being flexible for sanity sake. There may be some moms who can set a schedule in stone - I am not one of them.

Happy homeschooling!


Mrs. Parunak said...

I really like your idea of getting the heavy duty school work in early in the week. And then you can sort of reward yourself with a more fun, enriching sort of day. I get tired of grinding through the core subjects, and I'm sure my kids do, too.

Jacqueline said...

Hope you have fun camping! I don't do a good job of following schedules either, but like you I like something to guide me.